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Amazonie faune flore les communautés d indiens: circuits en lodge, en campement ou en huttes indiennes - Réserve de Faune et Flore d Amazonie de Cuyabeno, Selva Viva, Tena et Misahualli. Hacienda Hakuna Matata, Liana lodge, Cuyabeno lodge, Ricancie
Amazon Jungle Trips
Cuyabeno - Amazonia sunset on Laguna Grande

In spite of the low surface that they cover, hardly 2%, the tropical forests shelter approximately the half of the 5 to 10 million species of plants and animals on the globe.
The tropical forests also lodge 90.000 of the 250.000 species of identified plants. And have regard that there are at least 30.000 species of plants which remain to be discovered. The majority are species of tropical forest.

As everywhere else, the Ecuadorian Amazonian forest is in great danger: oil companies, clearing, colonists, illegal trade of animals, dynamite, poisons, chemicals, hunting, all these problems touch, as everywhere, our beautiful rain forest.

But, in spite of all these abuses and the damage that the Ecuadorian jungle undergo, it still offers many extremely rich places, which is very satisfactory for tourism.

In fact, the increase in tourism, in a intelligent and ecological way, is maybe the only solution to ensure the protection of these wild zones.

Discover Amazonia... before it's too late !

We propose you :

•   several programs in rustic lodge, ecological lodge or comfortable high quality Hacienda for     those who want to discover the jungle in a relaxing way and with a minimum of comfort,
•   adventure tours in the earth of the ecuadorain jungle, in campsite or Indian huts,
•   ecotouristic circuits which supports directly the development of the local Indian communities,
•   a team of professional naturalist guides assisted by local indigenous guides,
•   to discover the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, the second largest ecuadorian Reserve, well     known as a biodiversity hot spot and one of the most spectacular sites in the Amazon Basin.

An excursion in the Amazonia never leaves indifferent.

You will discover a vegetation in natural state since millenniums and plants as palm trees, bromeliads, cedars, heliconias, sylvan roses and orchids are frequently seen.

You will be able to observe many species of exotic animals, in particular the dolphins, the tortoises, the anacondas and caimans, various species of monkeys, the ocelots, the sloths, and innumerable species of birds like the hoatsin, the guacamayos, the toucans, the kingfishers among others.

Accommodation in rustic lodge, camping or Indian huts according to the program. Naturalist guide in French, in English or / and native local guide.
Jungle Lodge Tours
    Hacienda Hakuna Matata    1, 2, 3 or 4 days
A fabulous gem located in the foothills between the Andes Mountains and the Amazon Basin on the banks of a crystal clear river.
A unique retreat for nature lovers, which gives you the opportunity to recharge your batteries amidst some of the most stunning scenery in Ecuador.

This Hacienda is located at an altitude of 600 metres above sea level on the banks of the crystal clear Rio Inchillaqui, only four kilometres from its source. The area is free from tropical diseases and the river is unpolluted and pristine.

Cordial reception, comfort, good food, beauty of the site and accessibility (+/- 5 hours of bus since Quito) are the main characteristics of this program.

Numerous possible activities : horse rides, rafting, swimming in the river, marked out trails which allow walks adapted to your desire and hikings in the nearby jungle (guides are available). Alternatively, just relax and enjoy the fabulous natural surroundings of the Hacienda.
    Price : starting at 34 usd / day


    Liana Lodge    3 days
A really ecologic lodge which works in association with the project Selva Viva for the protection of the rain forest and the centre of animal rehabilitation AmaZOOnico.

The success of this project was conditioned by the ownership of 1000 Ha of protected primary forest.

Such a project, whose implications and consequences go beyond the refuge itself, could be assembled only thanks to the participation of the Indian of the Quichua community of Ahuano living in the surrounding 1000 Ha of forest.

Liana Lodge is located in the primary forest near Misahualli. away from the frequented zones. Intimacy and personalized attention because the Lodge is small.

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    Price : starting at 40 usd / day


    Cuyabeno Lodge    4 or 5 days
A rustic but comfortable lodge surrounded by primary forest and tropical lagoons.

It is located in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, the second largest ecuadorian Reserve, well known as a biodiversity hot spot and one of the most spectacular sites in the Amazon Basin.

Huts are of typical conception with palm tree leafs roof.

The lodge nests in a small opening of wet tropical primary forest, bordered by a zone of flooded tropical forest which during the majority of the year forms a peaceful lake.

It is a real " eco-lodge " operating in a very ethical way and working with local Indian guides and licensee naturalist guides. They maintain a close relationship with the local Indian communities, Siona, Secoya and Cofanes.

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    Price : starting at 85 usd / day


Amazon Huts Tours
    Bataburo Lodge    4 or 5 days
The Yasuni National Park has an incredible biological richness and is one of the most spectacular sites of the Amazonian basin.

This operation is located in full Huaorani Indian territory, in the centre of the primary forest of the Ecuadorian Amazon, Located ion the banks of rio Tiguino, Bataburo lodge was built on their ancestral territory, in collaboration with the Huaorani organisation, the ONHAE.
Huts are built in the pure style of the Amazonian natives, in complete harmony with the jungle.
Those huts are offering all the necessary comfort without loosing the adventurous spirit. The lodge is located 90 kilometres southeast from the town of Coca (Puerto Francisco de Orellana). Here we find the mystical and wild heart of the primary rainforest

In the main cabaña, which serves as bar / dining room, is a space to relax in hammocks and enjoy the view of the lagoon “Amaruncocha”, which is right behind the lodge
Local spanish / english naturalist guide.

    Price : starting at 64 usd / day


 All our prices are "all inclusive ": accommodation, full American plan, bilingual local guide, excursions, canoe, mosquito nets, lending of rubber boots. Not included : trip Quito - place of the stay - Quito and entrance fee of the Cuyabeno National park (20 usd).

Hakuna Matata - A comfortable Hacienda at only 5 hours from Quito : tours of 1, 2, 3 or 4 days in primary and secondary rain forest
jungle trip - rio at the foot of the campsite
Liana Lodge an ecologic and rustic jungle lodge at only 6 hours from Quito
Jungle trek in the Amazon rain forest
cuyabeno lodge Aerial view
Cuyabeno Lodge huts
Monkey in the reserve of Cuyabeno
Cuyabeno camping. Campsite view
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